Louise Vind Nielsen (b. DK, 1984)
Radio, sound and performance artist,
and activist based in Hamburg, Germany.

Nielsens artistic work and critical research often takes place in cooperation with other artists.
She is initiator of "THE TEMPORARY RADIO FOR FRESH AIR AND A WORLD WITH LESS WALLS" and is one of the founders of the radio collective "THE PERFECT RADIO" @ Freies Sender Kombinat. Louise Vind Nielsen lives and works in Gängeviertel - a community space for artists and activists in Hamburg.


Through her often performance or sound-based pieces Louise Vind Nielsen explores visual arts as a field that can go beyond and alter normatively regulated perceptions of society. This field can in the artistʼs own words be coined ʻabstract activismʼ since it unfolds between the artistic free imagination and an active engagement in the world around us (...) artistic sensibility combined with a palpable agency.
- Rhea Dall, Curator and art critic.

By breaking down the barriers between art and everyday life, and insisting on collective activism Louise Vind Nielsen is graduating from DJK as an avant garde artist. Strong work!
Henrik Broch-Lips - Journalist and art critic.


In 2014 Louise Vind Nielsen is occupied with an independent artistic reasearch on the topics: "Work, authonomy and collectivity - Alternatives to the neo-liberal reality".

The Temporary Radio
Radio Perfect
The Art of being Many
Bremer Kunstfrühling'14
RADIO AS ART - International Conference 2014, Weserburg Research Center for artists' publications, Bremen

Together with Marzena Chilewska (MFA - Kunst und Kulturwissenschaften) Louise Vind Nielsen is planning the start-up of a non-commercial research and exhibition space in Gängeviertel with the working title "Die Metaschule."



Louise Vind Nielsen

Atelier / Gängeviertel
Valentinskamp 37
DE-20355 Hamburg

T (+49)17688532796
e Louise(a)